How to Save Money on Insulin

Top Tips to Save Money on Insulin

Diabetes care could be more expensive than you think it is. But it would help if you remembered not to skip the insulin doses to save money. The reason is that it could be dangerous. However, you can get help to pay for the medications in many ways. This blog will mention all the tips that can help you get started.

Check with the health insurer

Different insulin brands would cost you less than the one you opt for. It would help if you asked your insurance provider for the formulary. It is the list of the preferred medications they will cover. You can find out about the copay of each insulin brand. If some brand is cheaper than another, you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you to switch.

Ask doctor

It is crucial to bring up money issues with your doctor. You can reach out to anyone you feel comfortable with. It includes a nurse, pharmacist, diabetes educator, or doctor. At your next appointment, here are a few questions you can ask:

  • Should you try human insulin?
  • Is there any cheaper, older option?
  • Is there a generic option you can take?
  • Are there any samples you can have today?

Compare the prices

We recommend you shop around. The online and physical medical store sells insulin at different prices. Some apps or websites help you to make comparison shopping quite easier. You may even find a few free prescription discount card when you search.

Find the medicine discount program

You probably won’t be able to apply the savings on top of your insurance. However, there is a possibility that your insulin may end up costing less if you use a discount program alone. Here are a few resources that may help you to save:

  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance may help you to cover insulin costs if you do not have any health insurance.
  • You can also take the help of nonprofit organizations that help you find ways to pay for all the parts of your health care. They’ll connect you with free or low-cost prescription programs or clinics.
  • Discount card companies like WiseRx are the ones that operate on a telemedicine platform. Our free-to-use websites and mobile apps can help you track prescription medication prices in the US and provide free prescription discount cards on medicines.
  • If you are a senior, you can try copays and deductibles, as they can help you save money on medications and other healthcare costs.

Many programs offer lower online prices, discount cards, or coupons with home delivery.

Call the medication company

Insulin makers usually work with you to save on supplies. However, the amount of financial help you get depends on a few things, including how much money you make and if you have government, private, or no health insurance.

  • If you need to learn about the brand of insulin, ask your pharmacist or doctor. You can also check the logo on your pen or vial.
  • If you have private health insurance, ask the manufacturer if they have a copay card. Then, you can use it for discounts at your pharmacy.
  • You can apply for a patient assistance program (PAP) if you have no or little health insurance.

Search Locally

There may be no low-cost insulin options in your area. Search the ‘Find a Clinic’ option online to find a healthcare center near you. You can also check on find a Health center.

What not to do

You might get sick if you do not take your medicines properly. You may also be hospitalized or have other costly health problems. When you try to save money on insulin:

  • Do not share insulin fingerstick devices or pens.
  • Don’t delay refills.
  • Do not skip doses.
  • Do not take less insulin than prescribed.


Insulin costs have risen dramatically over the past few decades. As a result, most people struggle to afford the insulin they need to manage diabetes.

However, free pharmacy discount card and programs are available to help you find low-cost or free insulin. You can also find coupons that can help lower your overall spending and copayments.

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