Prescription drug prices in the US have been among the highest in the world. The high cost of medications is becoming a major concern for all of us.

We Have The Solution!

Our Wise Rx discount card helps you get prescription medications at discounted prices. Our prescription savings card is available for free and can be easily downloaded here. You can also get the card on your Smartphone or by email. Just show this card to any pharmacist and receive up to 85% discount on your prescription medications.

WISE Rx Card

Our pharmacy medication discount cards can be used for prescription drugs as well as pet prescription medications. Please note that Wise Rx cards are not insurance programs. Our prescription savings cards are accepted at more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. It covers entire household i.e., any member of your family can use this card to receive prescription discounts. For detail download instructions, click here!



Learn the ins-and-outs of card membership! Our prescription discount card helps save you money and is accepted by many pharmacies in your area. Click through our site to learn more about the best prescription discount card.

Pharmacy Discount Card

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Tina, a new member Wise Rx Discount Card, went to her pharmacy to have a prescription filled but forgot her card.

Tina Saved Over 36% On Her Prescription!

I have no health insurance and have found the WiseRx discount card to be very beneficial. My friend told me about

Lucille B. Saves between $150 and $250 a Month.
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  • Q. If I Have Insurance How Can WiseRx Card Benefit Me?

    A. If you are under insurance, having WiseRx Card may still be beneficial since there are insurance policies which limit
  • Q. Why Don’t All Pharmacies Accept The WiseRx Card?

    A. All chain pharmacies and most independent pharmacies have been given equal opportunity to serve you via this program.
  • Q. Do prices vary among participating pharmacies?

    A. Industry standards determine the discounted rate for prescription medications. In most instances, all participating
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