Free Prescription Discount Card

Simple Steps to Saving

  1. Print your free prescription discount card or write down the codes
  2. Present the prescription discount card to a participating pharmacy
  3. Save Money on your prescriptions

It’s that easy!

How does Wise RX save you money on prescription medications?

Wise RX acts like a large buying group that negotiates with pharmacies to discount prescription medications , similar to the discounts they give insurance companies and large employers.

Why would the pharmacies discount the medications?

By discounting the medications the pharmacies actually get more business by:

  1. Wise RX directs people with the WiseRX Card to their stores
  2. People will actually fill their prescription if it is affordable
  3. People will buy other things while in the participating pharmacy

So it is actually the pharmacy that provides the discount. Thank your pharmacy for accepting the Wise RX Card and helping people afford their medications.

It’s easy to use the Wise RX free prescription discount card. There are no forms to fill out, no waiting periods or registration and your personal information is never sold or shared. Have a question or need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.