Do prescription discount cards work with insurance?

Do Prescription Discount Cards Work With Insurance?

Do you know, even if you have the best health insurance plan, you might have to pay for some medications? Moreover, insurance plans limit drug discounts to a specific set of prescriptions.  Pharmaceuticals are often overlooked by health insurances and come with high deductibles if they are even covered at all. To keep your medications cost low, you should consider using a Free Rx Prescription Discount Card. You can get a discount on your free Rx card even if you’ve health insurance.

What is a prescription discount card?

Pharmacy discount cards are the cards that help you save money on your prescription drugs. You need to present them at a pharmacy while purchasing your prescription. Prescription discount cards save money by negotiating prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. The prices are kept low in a number of ways such as:

  • Pharmacy discount card companies due to their huge cardholders’ network negotiate with pharmacies for bulk pricing on prescriptions.
  • Secondly, discount card companies get discounts on overstocked pharmaceuticals. The Rx card companies work directly with pharmacies to get special savings for their cardholders.

How much you can save with Wise Rx prescription discount card?

Prescription drug costs change regularly. You need to present your WiseRx Card to your pharmacist so it can be entered into the pharmacy’s computer to find out the cost of the medication. The participating pharmacy will give you the prescription medicine at the lowest (or best) price available at their pharmacy, whether it’s the WiseRx Card price or the in-store pharmacy price. The cardholder can save up to 85% on prescription medications.

How to get the Wise Rx prescription card?

You can get the Wise Rx prescription card in three different ways:

Prescription Discount Card

Download the Prescription Discount Card

Download, print it, and present it to a pharmacist to start saving on your prescription medication today! Just follow these easy steps:

Mail Rx Card

Mail the Rx discount card to your address by filling out the submission form here!

Text Rx Card:

You can get your card easily.

  • Text “WISE” to 313131
  • You will receive a text message with an image of the card
  • Next, show the image on your phone to the pharmacist to avail discount on your drugs!

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