Why You Should Add Pilates To Your Workout Routine?

hat do Gisele Bündchen, Khloe Kardashian, and Lady Gaga have in common? They all swear to do Pilates to stay in shape.  

If you also want to keep in shape like the celebrities, you need to follow what they do to keep in shape.

From toning you up to stretching you out, Pilates has many benefits that will encourage you to sign-up for Pilates. Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of doing Pilates:

1. It balances your body

While it is true that the best possible way to get in shape is by burning as many calories as possible, hitting the gym 7-days a week or taking up multiple HIIT classes can do more harm than good. Too much strenuous exercise and weight training can result in muscle imbalance and joint pain, making your body less efficient.

Your body can become inflamed with the hard-hitting workouts. But with Pilates, it is different. This form of exercise helps in balancing your body, ensuring that all the joints are working properly without putting too much pressure on the muscles.

2. Pilates Can Ease Back Pain 

According to a Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy study, people with chronic lower back pain were asked to practice Pilates for just four weeks. At the end of the study, the patients stated that they felt better and much relief with the help of Pilates than any other form of Physiotherapy. Moreover, they didn’t feel any pain in their lower back for a full year post-Pilates. Researchers believe that Pilates eases the stress on the lower back and improves mobility by stabilizing the core’s lumbar-pelvic area.  However, if you still need any prescription medications to treat your chronic back pain, we recommend you to use Wise Rx prescription card to buy your medicines at lesser prices.

3. Pilates Improves Core Strength 

Pilates isn’t just for fitness fanatics. Its workout session includes exercises that work on your core strength and stability, muscle control, and endurance. It also works on improving your body posture, relieves stress, and promotes flexibility.

4. Pilates Hones Your Focus

A workout is a one-two punch when it comes to improving your health. Besides its physiological effects, Pilates improves your mental health by urging you to focus on your mind and body.

It helps sync the mind, body, and spirit together. In this type of workout, concentration and meditation come together to boost your mental health. An important part of Pilates is that it pushes you to focus on your body, breathing cycle, and how everything work together. Pilates need your total focus and attention.

5. It Helps Combat Stress

An intense, impactful, full-body workout doesn’t take more than an hour. You can easily take out at least an hour from your daily schedule to focus on your body.  

In today’s world, our lives are filled with stress, and Pilates offers a fast and effective solution to combat stress. It is one of the most effective workouts with quicker results and encourages you to keep coming back to it over and over again.

6. Pilates can help you get in shape 

Pilates will tone your body if you practice it regularly. It is known for building strong muscles and sculpting a leaner look. It improves your muscle tone, balances musculature, supports beautiful posture, and teaches you to move with ease and grace.

If you want to reduce weight quickly, Pilates can help you do that as well. It has become a prime weight loss and body-toning tool if you combine it with some aerobic activities.

7. Pilates Increases Energy 

It might seem like a paradox but the more you exercise, the more you feel energetic. Pilates increases energy by circulating the breath and blood throughout the body and stimulating the spine and muscles. It helps in releasing the feel-good hormones in your brain making you crave for the next workout session.

We’re sure the above-mentioned benefits will definitely encourage you to add Pilates to your workout routine.

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