Best Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure

Top Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure

When blood pressure goes unnoticed, it may lead to the complications like stroke and heart disease. Therefore, diet is one of the first lines of defense against high blood pressure (hypertension). In addition, adopting a blood pressure-friendly diet may help you to keep blood pressure within a healthy range without possible side effects led by medicines.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into six different types of drinks that can help you lower your blood pressure.

Meaning of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is when the blood force pushes against the walls of your arteries and is too high.

It makes your blood and heart vessels work harder, which may damage your heart muscle over time. In addition, it may lead to small tears in the artery walls forming, leading to fatty plaque buildup.

High blood pressure develops over time and may happen with a lack of physical activities, poor diet, and specific health conditions, including obesity and diabetes.

In this blog, we will discuss six drinks that can help lower blood pressure levels.

1. Beet Juice

Not only does this low-calorie, colorful vegetable contain health-promoting vitamins, plant compounds, and minerals, but it may also help you lower blood pressure levels.

2. Tomato juice

Drinking one glass of tomato juice every day may help promote heart health. Tomato juice helped to improve both systolic diastolic and systolic blood pressure along with LDL cholesterol.

If you want to avoid unnecessary sodium, buying unsalted tomato juice may have the opposite effect on blood pressure.

3. Pomegranate Juice

Not only are pomegranates rich in nutrients like vitamin C and folate, but they also help to boost potent anti-inflammatory effects. So it may be no surprise that pomegranate juice may contribute to a heart-healthy diet.

However, ensure that if you add pomegranate juice to your diet, it is 100 percent juice and no added sugar.

4. Berry Juice

Just like pomegranates, berries, especially blueberries, are known for their antioxidant properties. Berries are likely to have cardiovascular benefits, but research needs will let you clarify the role of preventing and controlling heart disease.

If you go for store-bought berry juice, ensure it contains no added sugar.

5. Skim milk

Low-fat dairy products like yogurt and skim milk are the key components that help to treat and prevent high blood pressure.

Increased consumption of low-fat milk is associated with lower levels of both types of blood pressure.

Health professionals recommend getting 2-3 servings of low-fat milk products daily. Drink a glass with your meal or add it to a smoothie or cereal. Steamed skim milk is also an excellent addition to the coffee.

6. Tea

When discussing blood pressure, not all the teas created are equal. For example, long-term green and black tea intake lowered both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. However, the reduction in blood pressure was more significant for green tea.

Drinks to Avoid High Blood Pressure

Like drinks that can help to lower blood pressure, many others may increase blood pressure levels.

Here are a few drinks that you may need to avoid or limit if you have high blood pressure:

1. Soda

Soft drinks loaded with added sugar may significantly increase the risks of diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease.

2. Sweetened beverages

Like soda, other sweetened drinks, like iced tea, are packed with sugar. As a result, it is one of the most commonly consumed sugar-sweetened beverages in the US. However, you can opt for unsweetened tea whenever possible to limit your sugar intake and avoid the adverse effects on your blood pressure.

3. Energy drinks

Specific energy drink types may significantly increase diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels.

4. Alcohol

Moderate alcohol amount may link to high blood pressure levels. If you drink alcohol, talk with the doctor to determine whether it is essential to lower the intake.


Can a drink bring your blood pressure down?

Specific drinks may be favorable to lower blood pressure levels. These drinks can lower blood pressure levels and keep them healthy, owing to the compounds present in the vegetables or fruits prepared for these drinks.

Will hot drinks raise blood pressure?

More than four cups of hot drinks like coffee or tea may increase diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Thus, it is best to consume it in moderation.


In addition to following a heart-healthy diet, a few drinks may also be helpful when it comes to lowering your blood pressure. The drinks mentioned above may help to control blood pressure.

If you are concerned about blood pressure, talk with a doctor about the top ways you can manage your heart health and blood pressure.

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