Tips to lower your blood pressure

3 Things You Should You Know If You’ve High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. It’s the fourth leading cause of death and contributes to over 1,100 deaths per day.
Fortunately, deaths due to high blood pressure are preventable with effective treatments. If you’ve blood pressure and concerned about keeping it under control, read this blog!

Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you’re interested in taking control of your blood pressure, you must follow these three tips:

1. Monitor your blood pressure at home regularly

If you frequently deal with high blood pressure issues, the best you can do is to monitor your BP regularly at home. Monitoring your blood pressure regularly will help you keep it in control. The best way to monitor your blood pressure at home is to sit idle for 5 minutes and then use your blood pressure machine to monitor your BP. In this way, you can keep a track of your BP readings and take effective measures to control it.

2. Take your blood pressure medicine at night

Most people prefer to take their blood pressure medicine in the morning. However, research suggests that blood pressure medications do a better job at night. It also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and even death. But if your medication is a water pill or diuretic, it’s better to take it in the morning to avoid going bathroom during nights.

3. Consult with your doctor

According to a study, “Up to 20% of people with hard-to-treat high blood pressure may have high aldosterone levels, although only about 1 in 1,000 people are actually tested.”
If you’re trying everything to keep your blood pressure under control, but nothing is working for you – it’s time to consult with your doctor. It may be a sign that you’re having some hormonal problems. High blood pressure can increase the level of aldosterone hormone in some people.


You can take charge of your blood pressure by making some changes in your lifestyle, including eat healthy, exercise daily, limit salt and alcohol, and manage your weight. Also, don’t forget to consult with your healthcare provider about how to monitor your blood pressure at home, whether you should take your medication in the morning or night, and discuss hormonal levels.

If you still have any doubts about high blood pressure, stay tuned to the WiseRx Discount Card blog!


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