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Save More With Wise Rx Prescription Cards for Pets

Did you know?

Wise Rx discount cards can help you save on your pet’s medications too?

Pet medications are too costly. In 2015, approx. $15 billion was spent on veterinary care by Americans. They also spent another $15 billion on non-prescription medications for pets. Unlike people, pets don’t qualify for any government aid such as Obamacare, Medicare, or Medicaid. You can go for pet health insurance but less than 5% of pet owners prefer to buy pet health insurance. And even if you buy health insurance, you get a limited coverage for your pet.

If you too haven’t bought any health insurance for your pet, don’t worry! Wise Rx can help you save money on your pets’ medications. You can buy your pet medications by using Wise Rx free prescription discount card to save money.

What is the Wise Rx Prescription discount card?

Wise Rx prescription card is a drug discount card that helps you get prescription medications at cheaper prices. You can save up to 85% on your medications. You can use this card to buy your prescription medications as well as your pets. You can receive a discount on most of the FDA approved brand as well as generic medications. Rx prescription discount cards are good to use for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and medical supplies if prescribed by a doctor in the form of prescription. These cards are available for free and you can use them for your entire household.

How to get the Wise Rx discount card?

To get Wise Rx card, you can follow these three options:

  • Download the card – You can download and print a free Rx prescription card here and start saving on your prescription medications today!
  • Mail Rx card – Fill out your complete details here and get a free prescription card in your inbox.
  • Text Rx card – You can get an Rx card on your smartphone too. To get a discount card on your smartphone, simply text “WISE” to 313131. You will receive a card on your device within some time.

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