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How to Use Wise Rx Discount Card?

The high prices of prescription medications is a persistent issue in the US. The U.S. citizens are spending nearly double per person than other high-income countries do. To get an ease from high prices of drugs, Wise Rx offers a free prescription discount card.

What is Wise Rx discount card?

Wise Rx free discount card allows individuals to purchase their prescription medications at cheap prices. The Rx card is available for free and can be downloaded easily. An individual can receive a discount on most of the FDA approved generic as well as branded medications. The discount card is accepted at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide and can be used by Americans as well as non-American citizens. There is one more thing to know that the entire household can use this card to buy medications at discounted prices. This Rx card can also be used for buying pet medications at lesser prices.

3 Ways to get the Wise Rx discount card

As you know that the Wise Rx discount card is available for free and you can get it in three different ways:

  • Download the card – It’s quite simple. Just visit here to download your Wise Rx card.
  • Mail it to yourself – You can get Wise Rx card for free in your email by filling out the submission form here.
  • Get it on your phone – The third way to get Wise Rx card is to text “WISE” to 313131 and you’ll receive your prescription discount card on your smartphone!

Remember, that you need to print the card and show it to your pharmacist get a discount up to 85% on your prescription medications.

How to use the Wise Rx discount card?

Downloading and printing Rx card will not be enough to get a discount on your medications, you need to show that printed card to your pharmacist too. So next time you visit any of the pharmacies, make sure to take the Wise Rx card along with you.
To use the Wise Rx discount card, make sure to follow these easy steps:

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