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How To tell Someone If You Have Tested Positive For COVID-19?

With coronavirus cases surging in many states, you might get a call from your relative, a friend, or a colleague to inform you that they’ve got infected with the virus. Or there might be a chance that you find yourself getting a positive test for the coronavirus and wondering how to inform people about this.

Informing people (with whom you’ve spent time indoors, outdoors, unmasked or masked) is the most important thing to do once you get tested positive for corona. It will help people know that they’ve been exposed to the virus, and they need to take extra precautions (quarantine/ isolate for 14 days) to avoid potentially spreading the virus to others. You should also notify establishments where you spent time, like restaurants, to implement contact tracing.

How to inform people?

We know telling someone that you’re the source of virus spread in your group can be embarrassing and make you feel ashamed or guilty. However, it’s essential to push through those complicated feelings and do the right thing by letting people know they may be at risk.

You can simply give a call, email, or text saying, “I’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and wanted you to know.” You can also let them know when you started experiencing symptoms or when you got tested. It will help them get a sense of when they could expect corona symptoms to arise and go in for testing.

As per the doctors’ recommendation, if your suspicion is strong enough to get tested, you should go ahead and start informing your closed ones about how you’re feeling. The test report can take days to get results back, so start making phone calls, and let people know the possibility of getting infected with the COVID-19. With this handful of information, people can start taking precautions or quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Once you a positive results, don’t forget to follow the CDC guidelines for COVID19! If you want more information on the COVID-19, stay tuned to the WiseRx discount card blog!


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