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How Do I Get A Prescription Discount Card On Wise Rx?

Many companies in the US offer free discount cards, promising to help save money on prescription drugs. However, not all prescription discount cards are the same.

The Wise Rx discount card is different from other prescription discount cards. Since inception, we have helped people save $337,631,465.37 on their drugs. We offer one of the most trusted discount card programs and can be used at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The Wise Rx discount card works regardless of the medication involved; discounts are applicable for a brand as well as generic drugs. You can get discount on your medications as long as they are approved by the FDA. You can receive a maximum discount of 85% on your prescription medications. You can use this card to buy medications for your household as well as pets.

How To Get Wise Rx Prescription Discount Card?

Getting a Wise Rx prescription discount card is easy. Just visit our website and get your card in a few quick steps. You can get the Wise Rx discount card for free in three ways:

Prescription discount card

  • Download the card
  • Get it on your smartphone
  • Email a Rx card to your email address

Download the Prescription Discount Card

Download and print Wise Rx free prescription discount card to start saving on your prescription medication today! Just follow these easy steps:

  • Download the prescription card from here
  • Print it
  • Cut it out with scissors
  • Bring it with you on your next trip to the pharmacy!

Mail RX Card

Get Wise Rx free discount card in your email by filling out the submission form here!

Text Rx Card

You can get your card easily.

  • Simply text “WISE” to 313131
  • You will receive a text message with an image of the card
  • Next, show that image to the pharmacist to receive your discount!

Please Note: This card is valid only in the US and US Territories.


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