Broken bone tips

Broken Bone: Tips To Heal Your Bone Faster

“Fractures are common, especially in elders. The prevalence in younger ages can increase if they don’t have good bone health.”

Bones take a long period of time to heal properly. Minor bone fractures take approximately a minimum of 6 weeks to heal, while major fractures take 3-4 months. Depending on the location and number of breaks present in your bone, it can take a longer time than expected to heal properly.

Tips to heal your broken bones faster

Insufficient intake of calcium, vitamin A and D, and other essential nutrients may affect bone health or even the time and degree of bone healing in case of fracture. When you’re injured your body needs a lot of energy to repair. A severely damaged bone could demand up to 6,000 calories a day for healing! So make sure that you’re eating the healthy and right amount of food.

Here are some tips that can help you recover faster:  

#1. Take calcium – Calcium is one of the essential nutrients required by the human body for healthy bones. You also need lysine (amino acids) present in your body, otherwise, calcium wouldn’t be as productive as it could be. Lysine is important for the absorption of calcium. Make sure to include Lysine as well as calcium-rich foods in your diet. in your dietary routine. Some of the calcium-rich foods that you must add to your diet are milk, cheese, yogurt, seeds, beans, and lentils, etc. to your diet to get the recommended amount of calcium in a day.

#2. Check your vitamins – Just like calcium, vitamins such as vitamin D, K, C, and B6 are equally necessary for the body. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium from the body. The recommended amount of vitamin D for an adult is 600 IU in a day. You can get your daily dose of vitamins from various foods such as mushroom, green leafy vegetables, fish, pork, nuts, and avocados, etc. You can also add vitamin D supplements to your diet to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

#3. Increase antioxidants – The antioxidants are needed by the body for cellular health. Moreover, these are necessary as antioxidants help reduce inflammation at the site of the break. Inflammation can continue for weeks after the initial injury, and healing will not begin until inflammation starts to go away. Ensure to add anti-oxidants rich foods such as eggplant, lean milk, pumpkin, carrots, and spinach, etc. to boost your healing process.

#4. Check your protein intake – You might not relate proteins with bone health but proteins are really necessary at the time of healing. Bones are made up of “living” protein, and taking an insufficient amount of protein during the healing process will result in a soft bone callus rather than the rigid ones necessary for bone strength. Make sure to keep a check on your protein intake to heal properly.

#5. Exercise – There are some things that you can and can’t do with a broken bone, exercise is one of them. You must do some light exercises if you can move without any risk of displacing the bone. Exercise improves blood flow in your body and thus boost up your heal process.

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