5 Tips for a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season

It is finally that time of the year when life goals can take a break, important meetings can get postponed, and stress can hide somewhere for a while. It is the year-end with New Year and Christmas just around the corner.

The holiday season is a special thing, and everyone must be safe and healthy during this time of year. However, we can never be too careful, aware, or prepared.

You can brighten the holidays by making safety and your health a priority. All you need to do is take steps to keep you and your loved ones healthy, safe, and ready to enjoy the holidays.

Here are five ways you can follow to be safe and take care of your health:

Cook up kitchen safety

Baking cookies, planning a traditional family feast, a lot more of the time goes by in the kitchen during the holiday season. However, cooking is one of the leading causes of residential fires. It helps to prevent burns and fires. You can prevent burns and fires with these cooking tips by U.S. Fire Administration:

  • Keep pets and children at least 3 feet away from hot stoves.
  • Place paper, boxes, bags, dish towels, and curtains away from flames.
  • Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove, so you don’t tip or bump them over.
  • Wear roll-up long sleeves or short sleeves.
  • Don’t cook while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always be alert and awake.
  • Fires can start when the stove heat is too high. Turn off the burner in case you see smoke.

Shop safely

It is preferable to shop online this year instead of going to stores. Here are things you can do to help you with safe shopping:

  • Shop during daylight hours.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying big amounts of cash.
  • Always park in a well-lit area.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see people loitering around the parking lots, garages, or outside the stores, look for somewhere else to park.
  • Always lock your vehicles and shut the windows, even if you’ll be gone for only a few minutes.
  • Keep valuables, gifts, and packages locked in the trunk or a secure compartment.
  • Make sure your bags, purse, and other items are in your sight.

Drive safely

If you are planning to travel to see your family and friends, follow these tips from the National Safety Council:

  • Practice defensive drinking and put your cellphone away
  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before leaving.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.
  • Get your vehicle tuned up for winter driving conditions.
  • With COVID-19 being a concern, the CDC offers the following guidance for people traveling:
  • Self-quarantine and stay home for seven days after traveling.
  • Everyone (including fully vaccinated people) must wear a mask on public transportation.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid crowds and stay at least 6 feet from anyone who’s not traveling with you.
  • Get tested with a viral test one to three days before your trip.

Decorate with diligence

Sad but true that holiday decorations can lead to injuries. About 17,500 people were reported to the emergency rooms in 2018. You must follow these tips to avoid a trip to the hospital:

  • Don’t overload power strips and extension cords, and ensure all the cords carry the approval of a safety testing laboratory.
  • Check that the string lights are approved by a safety testing laboratory. Ensure to look for any signs of damage. Keep an eye out for loose connections, exposed wires, frayed, or broken sockets.
  • Handle all the decorations with care. These are breakable, weighted, or sharp.

Stay healthy

Research shows that the stress of the season can bring up heart attacks, and some people hesitate to seek treatment as they don’t want to disrupt the festivities. Pain or pressure in your chest, shortness of breath, pain in your arm, or lightheadedness, neck or shoulder are common symptoms of a heart attack. If you are expecting any of these symptoms, go to the ER.

Remember, the COVID-19 pandemic is still around, and CDC recently updated its guidance to enjoy another holiday season while taking the precautions:

  • If you are sick or have symptoms, don’t attend or host a gathering.
  • Avoid poorly ventilated spaces and crowds.
  • Remember that outdoor gatherings are safer compared to indoor ones.
  • Wear well-fitting masks over your nose and mouth, if you are in public indoor settings.
  • Protect young children and others who aren’t approved for a vaccine.


While celebrating this holiday season, remember to follow public health guidelines that can limit the spread of COVID-19. If you are suffering from any chronic illness, always stock up with your medicines. Do not forget you can get good discounts through best rx pharmacy discount card.

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