Why you always feel hungry?

Why You Always Feel Hungry?

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you eat, but you still feel that you’re hungry.  These frequent hunger pangs can be the signs of an underlying health issue and should be checked out by a healthcare provider.  However, if you experience unusual or rare hunger pangs, you should read this article to know why you always feel hungry.

If you never completely feel full and are always tempted to snack even following a big meal, take a look at these explanations:

1. You’re Thirsty

There are times when you think you need to eat something, you’re actually dehydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, your body sends mixed signals and makes you feel hungry. So try drinking some water first. If you still feel hungry then you may need to eat. Keep a track of what you drink and eat. Keeping track of what you eat, will help you control overeating.

2. You might have diabetes

This condition means you’ve energy issues. You may feel hungry because your body thinks it needs more fuel. But the real issue is converting food into fuel.  Your body converts the food into glucose that your cells use for energy, but your cells need insulin to bring in the glucose. So if your body is not able to make enough insulin or your cells resist the insulin your body makes, your body won’t be able to make enough energy. This condition can make you more hungry and tired than usual. You also may lose weight, pee more, and feel more tired. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

3. You’re pregnant

This is different for every pregnant woman. While some women may feel queasy to eat during the first few weeks of the pregnancy, while others may feel like they’re hungry all the time. Pregnant women might feel sick at the thought of eating things they used to love or develop a craving for new foods. If you think that might be the reason behind your pangs, make an appointment with your doctor.

4. You’re depressed

Many people start overeating when they’re upset, bored, sad, or depressed.  This is known as “emotional eating.” So if you’ve taken your meal recently and still feels like you’re hungry, try doing something you enjoy. And if you find that you often feel blue, stressed, or anxious, consult with your health care provider to get the right treatment.

5. You’re on medication

Some medication can affect your appetite. Medications that are used to treat depression, mood orders, anxiety, and stress etc., along with certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and corticosteroids can make you feel hungry. Tell your doctor if feel hungry after taking any medication. Your doctor can prescribe some other medication, however, make sure you don’t stop taking that medication on your own.

6. You’re not taking enough sleep

Lack of sleep can unbalance hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin) and can make you feel hungry.  Sleep deprivation can make you more likely to reach for snacks that have more calories and more fat to satisfy that urge. Make sure that you take at least seven hours of sleep to keep your hormones balanced.

If we missed any reason for which one can feel hungry, do let us know in the comment section below.

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