Risk of taking multiple medicine

What Is The Risk of Taking Multiple Medicines?

You can take multiple medicines to treat a single medical problem.  And similarly, you can take various medications to treat multiple health issues. For instance, you can take a beta-blocker to control your blood pressure and a statin to lower your cholesterol.

Taking several medicines to treat your health issues can be challenging. It is something you need to get right; otherwise, you can experience unwanted side-effects due to drug interaction.

In this blog, we will discuss some tips to take multiple medicines safely, but first, let’s find out the risks linked with taking multiple medications.

  • Taking multiple medicines can lead to several side-effects. You may feel dizzy, nauseous, or tired after taking certain medicines. Also, certain medications increase the risk of falls.
  • When you take multiple medicines in a day, the chances of drug interactions increase. Your one medicine can interact with other medication, food, or alcohol. Make sure to tell your doctor about the medications that you take regularly. This way, your doctor can help you avoid drug interaction. As some drug interactions can be severe, even life-threatening, so make sure to be careful while taking drugs.
  • You may find it challenging to keep track of your medicines. To avoid such a situation, you can use a pill organizer box to store your drugs and keep track of them.
  • Most people consult different doctors for different health issues, such as a gynecologist for maternal issues, a cardiologist for heart-related problems, etc. In such a case, you may be prescribed different medicines for the same problem. To avoid such issues, make sure to carry your medical history and prescriptions so that your doctor can avoid prescribing you another medication for the problem you’re already taking medicine.

Tips to take multiple medicines safely

  • Every time your doctor prescribes a new medication, ask your healthcare provider what the drug is used for, when and how to take it, and whether it will interact with other medicines. Also, let your doctor know if you experience any side-effects.
  • If you take multiple medicines in a day, the first and foremost thing you need to follow is to take them as directed by your health care provider. The more drugs you take, the more you need to follow your doctor’s prescription carefully. You can use a pillbox to keep your medicines. It can help you track whether you’ve taken medicine at your breakfast, lunch, and bed-time. You can also use the WiseRx mobile app to set alarms and reminders for your medication.
  • You can also prepare an up-to-date medication list. It should include all the medications you’re taking, for what it is prescribed, the proper strength, and dosage instructions. It will help or your family to follow the appropriate regimen.

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