Ways to Prevent Prescription Drug Overdose

Prescription Drug overdose refers to consuming drug in a larger quantity than recommended by your doctor.  Drug overdosing can increase the chances of drug abuse which could lead to major side-effects and even death.

Drug Overdose Reasons

Drug overdoses can be accidental or intentional. However, some people are more sensitive to certain drugs, which can be toxic for them.

1. Accidental Overdose – When an individual takes the wrong drug or multiple drugs, at the wrong time, and the wrong amount without even knowing that it could harm them.

2. Intentional misuse – When an individual takes dose in excessive quantity in an attempt to get ‘high’ or to inflict self-harm.

Prevent Prescription Drug Overdose

Drug overdose may lead to various side-effects. If you take prescription medications regularly, follow these steps to prevent drug overdose:

1. Make sure that your doctor completely knows about your health issues and you’re getting the right medication for your illness. Tell your doctor about your prescription medications, OTC drugs, herbs, supplements, alcohol intake and drug use. You can also ask for less addictive alternative method to treat your illness.

2. Consult with your doctor on regular basis about your medications, to make sure that they are working right and you’re taking them in the right amount.

3. Follow your medication directions carefully. Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t change or stop the dose of a drug on your own without discussing with your doctor.

4. Know what your medication does. Ask your doctor about the effects of your medication, so you know what to expect.

5. Make sure not to use the prescription medication prescribed for another person; even if you have a similar medical condition. It may not be the right medication or dose for you.

6. Don’t order your prescription medications online unless they’re from a trustworthy pharmacy. Some websites sell counterfeit drugs that could be dangerous.

7. You can also use Rx discount card to buy your medicines. It will help your doctor or pharmacist to keep a track of your medications and you can avoid overdosing.

Preventing prescription drug overdosing in teens

Teens are more prone to drug overdosing. You can follow these steps to prevent your teens from overdosing prescription drugs:

1. Discuss the dangers –Tell your kids that just because drugs are prescribed by a doctor doesn’t mean they’re safe — especially if it’s prescribed to someone else or if your kid is already taking some other medications.

2. Set rules – Let your kids know that sharing your drugs with others is not right. Tell them the importance of taking prescription medications with doctor’s consultation.

3. Discuss the dangers of alcohol use – Using alcohol with medications may increase the chances of accidental drug overdose. So tell them dangers of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.

4. Store drugs safely – Make sure to keep your prescription drugs at a safe place. Keep a track of the quantity.

5. Make sure your kid isn’t buying drugs online – Some websites sell counterfeit and dangerous drugs that don’t require any prescription and could be fatal for teens.

6. Properly dispose of medications- Make sure not to leave expired drugs around. Check the drug label for disposal instructions, or you can ask your pharmacist.

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