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Top 3 Ways to Save on Medical Prescriptions

Prescription medications have become more and more in demand, with approximately 70% of Americans on at least one, and 50% taking two or more. However, these pills don’t always come cheap. According to a PBS report, U.S. patients are paying 50-60% more for brand-name patented drugs than people in the United Kingdom and Australia. Even if you have insurance, you may not be fully covered or the premiums may be high, and you might skip regular doses in order to save money.

Rather than risk your health, consider these top three ways to save on medical prescriptions:

1. Ask about generic options – Almost all brand-name drugs have a generic version that is four times cheaper, according to WebMD. In addition, your health plan probably charges higher co-pays for brand-name medications, which is more than enough incentive to find an effective alternative. If taking any brand-name drugs, talk to your doctor about generic options and whether they would be right for you.

2. Shop around – Not all pharmacies charge the same prices for their medications. To save on your prescriptions, shop around at several locations to explore the different options. Visit the pharmacies at your local supermarkets and retail stores, and check out online sellers and mail orders to compare costs. If your doctor will allow you to, purchase a 90-day supply of medication instead of a 30-day one so that you can pay the co-pay less often. Also, keep in mind that pharmacies are interested in gaining your business and establishing a steady stream of return customers. If a pharmacy is offering great deals on all of their drugs except for the one you need, talk to the pharmacist and see if you can get a discount in return for your loyal service.

3. Consider a Wise RX card – You can also save money on your prescriptions with the Wise RX card. The Wise RX card is a free prescription discount card that is accepted at many pharmacies, including big names like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart. Many of these pharmacies choose to accept the Wise RX card because it attracts business to their store and encourages patients to fill their prescriptions there. With the Wise RX card, you’ll receive the same discounts that pharmacies give to insurance companies and large employers. How can you lose?

How else do you save money on your prescriptions?

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