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Is Sleeping with Your Dog in Bed a Right Choice?

People like to sleep with their dogs, and it is safe to say the feeling is mutual. Dogs are considered a part of the family, and the chemistry between humans and dogs is undeniable. It is why 56% of dog owners reported sleeping next to their dogs.

Cuddling with your fur baby feels good but is not without problems and includes sleep interruption.

This blog will explore more about the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with your dogs. We have also come up with tips to get a peaceful night’s sleep together.

Benefits of sleeping with your pet dog

Pet benefits people in most ways. Whether sleeping with your cat or dog enhances those benefits is debatable and may depend on personal circumstances.

It may not decrease the sleep quality

A dog in bed may affect your sleep despite many other factors like bed size, pet size, and the number of people. It all needs to sync up well.

People usually sleep just fine with a dog in the bedroom but less when the dog is in bed. The right solution may help keep the dog bed beside your own.

As per the researchers, dogs in bed, compared to cats or other people, were perceived to be less disruptive to sleep.

Your dog is probably the best sleeping buddy if you wake up refreshed and are not fatigued during the day.

Provides security and comfort

A dog in the bed is usually associated with security and comfort. It is more so than sleeping with a cat or another person. It is one feel-good thing, generally if you are lonely or separated from your dog most of the day.

Boosts mental health

Pets help relieve anxiety and stress. They foster emotional and social connections, affecting mood and overall mental health.

Human-animal interactions may benefit stress-related factors like:

Risks and side-effects of sleeping with pets

While dogs may make a good sleep companion, you should consider a few other factors. These include:

Decrease in the sleep quality

Dogs are always on alert as they are light sleepers. Having a dog in the bed usually increases human movement. It may disturb sleep, but people typically do not remember waking up when dogs move.

A dog that overheats the bed, slobbers, or snores is probably not an ideal sleep mate. You may wake up tired or longing for a mid-day power nap.

When we talk about cats, they are nocturnal, so that it can be challenging for nighttime sleep partners. They may want to play or even purposely wake you up.

May aggravate allergies

Pets can carry allergens like pollen and dust into your bed. It may aggravate severe asthma and allergies.

May spread disease

Fungi, parasites, and bacteria can spread from cats and dogs to humans. Germs can spread through:

  • Bites
  • Scratches
  • Licking open wound or face
  • Touching feces

In the US, the risk of disease from sleeping with your pet is low, with the chance mainly coming from:

  • Skin infection due to mites
  • Ringworm
  • Ticks and fleas

May cause injuries

An aggressive or dominant dog in the bedroom is a significant risk for dog bites, especially for children.

How to sleep with your dog in bed

They must agree with the sleeping arrangements if you share a bed with someone else. Here are more tips to achieve nighttime harmony:

  • Change your bedding and sheets regularly.
  • Wash your hands after cleaning your pet.
  • Deworm, as advised by the vet.
  • Use preventive tick and flea treatments.
  • Visit the vet for regular vaccinations and checkups.
  • Discourage aggressive behavior by removing the dog from the bed.
  • Be consistent with the rules. Make no exceptions if you do not want your dog under the blankets or on your pillow.
  • Train them to wait for permission to get on the bed.
  • Walk your dog before bedtime.


Most people look forward to snuggling up with their beloved pet friends. Pets are known to affect the sleep cycle. But for many people, the emotional benefits help balance out the negatives. It all comes down to personal choice.

When you weigh the cons and pros, consider your quality sleep, your pet’s health, and your health. We hope you make the right choice.

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