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How To Keep Your Smile Healthy?

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

What people notice when they meet someone new? 47% of the people notice the smile on the others faces. A smile on your face portrays happiness as well a confidence in you. However, smile insecurity can affect your confidence. To avoid this situation, you really need to take a good care of your dental health. Here are some tips that can help you to keep your smile healthy.

1) Follow Proper Dental Care –

Do you know, approx. one in three adults have cavities and up to one in four have problems with their gums? Cavities and gum disease can cause pain and infections. This can affect eating and speaking.  If you don’t want to be one of them, you must follow a proper dental care. Make sure that you and your children make dental hygiene a part of your everyday lives.

2) Healthy Diet –

Eating healthy diet is really important for the health of your oral. And when it comes to protecting your teeth, knowing what to eat is just as important as knowing what not to eat or to eat in moderation. Some of these foods may already be a part of your diet or you may find that incorporating certain foods will protect your teeth and help to keep them strong and healthy. Here is a list of foods that can help you in protecting your smile:

  • Eat fiber-rich foods such as celery, apples, and carrots etc.
  • Take calcium (green leafy vegetables, milk, cheese, and soy products)
  • Add vitamins to your diet.
  • Choose tea over coffee.

Things To Avoid In Your Diet –

  • Ditch diet cokes – High acid content of your sugar-free sodas can destroy your teeth.
  • Quit smoking – Smokers are 2-3 times more vulnerable to periodontal disease as compared to nonsmokers.
  • Avoid alcohol – A glass of wine may make you feel relax, but it can stain your teeth, leaving your smile dull.

3) Choose The Right Dental Care Products –

Make sure that your entire family is using the right dental care products. There are so many great dental products to choose from at your grocery or drugstore. Make sure to research well to choose the best toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and toothpastes for you and your loved ones.

  • Electric toothbrushes remove plaque more effectively and reach angles you can’t always reach with a normal toothbrush. Make sure to replace your brush head every 3-4 months.
  • Make sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes each time, ideally after each meal.
  • Did you know that about one-third of the surface of your teeth is considered “in-between” the teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach? This is why flossing is so important! So make sure to floss your teeth daily.
  • Encourage your kids to brush their teeth at least twice a daily.
  • Replace your toothbrush every three months. Worn out toothbrush won’t work well and doesn’t protect from germs.
  • Don’t use your toothbrush with others. Rinse it well after brushing your teeth.

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