Frequently Asked Questions About Medicines

FAQ 1: If a drug is for more than one ailment and I am having only one of those ailments, should I use that drug?

It’s better to buy a medicine that treats your ailment only. Using a medicine that treats multiple problems means you’re taking extra medicine that you don’t need. Over-the-counter medicine can help you feel better as extra medicine usage can cause unwanted side effects. Consult with a pharmacist, if you and your parents aren’t sure about how to choose a medication for your problem.

FAQ 2: Why should I read warning section over drug label?

You must read the warning section to avoid various possible drug interactions. The warning section will tell about when you shouldn’t use the medication, when you should consult with a doctor, when you should stop using medicine and what to do if you are allergic to active ingredient of that medication.

FAQ 3: What will happen if I take the medicine dose sooner than the time mentioned on the label?

The chemicals present in medication can affect the mechanism of your body. If you take a medicine sooner, only once, it may have no side-effect. But if you keep taking medication too often, then those drugs may have some negative impact on your body. It may damage your liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. So make sure to take medicines as prescribed by your doctor or as recommended on drug label.

FAQ 4: Should I stop taking medication if I have any side effect?

Consult with your doctor immediately if you’ve any side-effect from your medication. You should not stop taking medicine on your own. Make sure to talk with your health care provider before taking any further steps.

FAQ 5: What should I ask my doctor about drug side effects?

The various questions that you can ask to your doctor or pharmacist are:

  • What are the possible side effects of this drug?
  • Can I do anything to prevent the side effects?
  • What should I do if I have a side effect?
  • Are there any dangerous side effects I should know about?
  • Alternate drugs that I can take in case of side-effects?

FAQ 6: Do all drugs have some side effects?

All drugs that are used for treating any health issue may have some side effects. However, many   patients taking drugs or combining drug with other drugs experience no side-effects or minor side effects. It may vary as per your sex, age, weight, and overall health.

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