CDC Officials Call For Schools To Reopen

The CDC officials finally gave a green signal to reopen schools. According to them, the schools are safe to reopen as long as the school authorities are taking proper COVID precautions, including wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

The editorial published in the JAMA journal provides a framework for school authorities to reopen schools safely while limiting the spread of the COVID-19. The CDC has recommended schools limit indoor activities, including indoor sports and group interactions to prevent the COVID-19.

Even though the pandemic is rapidly changing, and contagious new variants are spreading, Dr.Honein and other C.D.C. officials argued on the fact that schools can be responsible for the spread of the coronavirus. According to them, “There is little evidence that schools can trigger the kind of outbreaks that were seen in nursing homes and meatpacking plants, or contribute to increased transmission in communities.”

Last year, just like other public properties, schools were shut down to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. This was done as back in August and September, we didn’t have much data to prove that the virus spread rate in schools was the same as other high-density work sites or residential sites. However, now, we have accumulating data which shows that with high face mask compliance, and distancing and cohorts of students to minimize the total number of contacts, we can minimize the amount of transmission in schools.”

The Federal Health officials assured the safety of kids, but locals must be willing to impose limits on other activities, including indoor dining, working out in poor ventilated gyms. Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Dr. Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, called for widespread testing to keep schools safe and get children back into the classroom, not only for educational reasons, but to restore free school meals, give children a social outlet, and provide myriad school-based services that are vital to low-income children.

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