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6 Home Remedies To Treat UTIs

When it comes to health problems, a urinary tract infection is one of the most obnoxious health issues. The common cause of urinary tract infection is Escherichia coli. Some other causes of UTI are female anatomy, diabetes, sexual intercourse, obesity, and family history.

Antibiotics to treat UTIs

Antibiotics are one of the effective treatments to treat UTIs. However, antibiotics can lead to various side-effects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Abnormal liver issues

Moreover, regular use of antibiotics can destroy good bacteria, viruses, and fungi that help function your body properly. To avoid such health issues, people are looking forward to home remedies to treat UTIs.

Home remedies to treat UTIs

Here are some of the home remedies that you can help you treat UTIs:

1. Drink plenty of water – Urination can be very painful during urinary tract infection. Make sure to urinate when you need to pee to flush out bacteria from the urinary tract. So try to drink plenty of water because the more you’ll drink, the more you’ll urinate.

2. Try cranberries – You can reduce the risk of UTI by adding cranberries to your diet. Cranberries contain an ingredient that prevents bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. However, don’t drink cranberry juice if you’re taking any blood-thinning medicine to avoid serious drug interactions.

3. Take probiotics – Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for health. The live bacteria and yeast promote healthy digestion and immunity. They may help treat and prevent UTI problems by restoring good bacteria. You can intake probiotics in many different forms, including:

  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Cheese
  • Kefir

4. Get more vitamin C – Increasing your intake of vitamin C may help treat urinary tract infection. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps the human body to fight the infection. According to the NIH,” Women aged 19 years and over should take at least 75 mg of vitamin C per day, whereas, men should take approx. 90 mg per day. Smokers can take an additional 35 mg of the vitamin every day.

5. Pee, when you need to – Holding your urine or ignoring the urge to urinate, can allow bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract. Make sure to use the bathroom when you feel the urge to pee.

6. Practice good sexual hygiene – Practicing good sexual hygiene can reduce the risk of UTIs. Good sexual hygiene includes:

  • urinate before and immediately after sex
  • use a condom for sex
  • wash the genitals, especially before and after engaging in sexual acts or intercourse
  • wash the genitals or change condoms if switching from anal sex to vaginal sex
  • ensure that your sexual partner is aware of any current or previous UTIs

UTIs are painful but proper treatment can overcome infection and prevent recurrent infections. Talk to your doctor if you have symptoms of UTI. With proper treatment, you should begin to feel better in a few days. Take your medicines as recommended by your healthcare provider. Moreover, always remember to use a free prescription discount card to buy your drugs at cheap prices.

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