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Tips To Be A Morning Person

Your DNA exerts a significant influence on you being a morning or evening person. Your DNA is not alone; the other factors contributing to your morning-ness or evening-ness are hormones, age, sunlight, and the place you live.

But we have one important question here. Is it possible to change a night owler into an early riser?  The answer is yes! However, it won’t be easy and permanent.

Tips to be a morning person

If your job or daily routine requires you to be more active and productive during morning hours, you may be able to alter your sleep and wake cycles. Here are a few tips for aligning your sleep schedule with your current needs:

1. Gradually change your bedtime

A good night’s sleep is necessary for your health. You can change your sleeping pattern by going to sleep anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours earlier each night. Over a period of weeks, you can observe the changes in your sleep cycle.

2. Develop a soothing nighttime routine

Going to sleep isn’t as easy as switching off the lights. If you’re trying to change your lifelong habit of sleeping late, you need to create a routine that sends bedtime signals to your brain. You can also try mind-calming activities like meditation, aromatherapy, deep breathing, journaling, and reading books to develop a pleasant and relaxing nighttime routine that encourages an earlier start to your sleep cycle.

3. Workout at least five times a week

Many studies prove exercise is good for quality sleep. Moreover, the timing of activity matters too. Exercising close to bedtime can keep you up at night time. Workout causes the body to release endorphins that can keep some people awake. So if you’re trying to change your sleeping patterns, make sure to exercise at least 1-2 hours before going to bed.

4. Don’t let your eating habits undermine your progress

According to the 2020 research analysis, “Night owners tend to skip their breakfasts, eat fewer vegetables, and consume more caffeine and alcohol than morning people.” If your goal is to be an early riser, you must adapt eating habits that promote better sleep. Also, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.

5. Give it time

Becoming a morning person won’t happen overnight. The more entrained your sleep cycles are, the more time it may take to revamp them. Hitting a snooze button on weekends and vacations is perfectly fine, but try to honor your new schedule as much as possible. Your consistency will deliver better results in the longer run.

If your lifestyle requires you to be an early riser, you should start making gradual changes in your sleeping tendencies. It may take time but trust us; the tips mentioned above will surely help you.

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