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Effectiveness of Flu Shot During Flu Season

With the start of flu season, you would’ve already seen a lot of advertisements or signs to get a flu shot. However, knowing what to pick with several flu vaccine options may be confusing. Does it make a difference about which one you should get? You are not alone if you feel confused or overwhelmed…

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Take Care of Yourself This Flu Season

Every year, CDC estimates the burden of influenza in the US. It uses modeling to estimate the number of deaths, hospitalizations, medical visits, and flu illnesses related to the flu that occurs in the given season. As per CDC, millions of Americans get the flu every year. You can get the flu any time of…

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How To Keep Your Home Flu-Proof?

Flu germs can spread from one person to another, even before you know it. You can avoid this by practicing a few simple rules at home. Practice these steps to keep everyone in your home safe and protected from the flu: 1. Get vaccinated Vaccination is the most important step you need to take to…