How To Store Your Medications Properly?

Storing your medications properly is equally necessary as picking up your medication refills every month.  Medications can lose their effectiveness if they’re not handled or stored properly. So it’s really necessary to store your medications correctly.

Tips to store your medications

One of the most probable things that might have skipped your mind is medication storage. Storing your medicines properly can help ensure they work as they should as well as prevent poisoning accidents.

Scroll down to learn some tips to save your medications properly and know what can happen if they’re not stored properly.

  • Few medications including insulin, eye drops, and certain antibiotics are needed to be stored in the refrigerator. The rest of the medications must be stored in a cool and dry place – away from light.  Moisture, heat, and light can deteriorate your medications and can make them less effective.
  • Many people store their medications in bathrooms in their medicine cabinet. This is not the right place to store your medicines as moisture can affect the effectiveness of your medications.  
  • You can also store your medications in the kitchen. This place is not only moisture free but will also remind you to take your medications whenever you reach for something in your kitchen cabinet.
  • Storing medications in a closed cabinet will protect your medications from light. 
  • Medications must be stored in an amber-colored vial. This will keep light away from medication. This is one of the main reasons you should store medications in their original containers if you are not using a pillbox container. 
  • If you use a pillbox to store your medications, be sure to keep it away from light, moisture, and heat as well.
  • Clean your medicine cabinets periodically to dispose of expired medicines.

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