Why you must add eggs to your diet

Why You Must Add Eggs To Your Diet

Who wouldn’t love eggs? They are one of the easiest options for breakfast. Whether it’s boiled, par-boiled, and scrambled; you can use this versatile food into any dish. Eggs can be a great addition to your diet because of their health benefits.  If you haven’t already added eggs into your daily diet, it is time you do. Here are five reasons that will definitely tempt you add eggs to your diet.

  • Great source of protein – Health providers advise people to load up on eggs after exercising. Eggs are a great source of protein. Protein helps repair muscles, manages blood sugar levels, provides immunity and strength, and helps in weight loss.
  • Eggs can help you lose body fat – Eggs are incredibly filling. According to a research, a breakfast of eggs helps you stay full for longer as compared with a high-calorie breakfast. This will not only trim your waistline but will also ensure that you get the necessary nutrition.

In a  study, eating an egg in breakfast instead of bagel can lead to significant weight loss over a period of eight weeks.”

  • Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease – An egg contains approx. 25% of the RDI for selenium. Selenium, being a powerful anti-inflammatory protects against various cardiovascular diseases that happens due to minerals deficiency. According to a study, “supplementation of selenium along with CoQ10 resulted in a 50% decrease in deaths from cardiovascular incidents in older adults.”
  • Protect Your Eyes from Age-Related Degeneration – Macular degeneration is an almost unavoidable part of aging. There are some nutrients that can help stop or slow down this degenerative process. Two of these nutrients – Lutein and zeaxanthin that slows down degeneration process are present in egg yolks. Make sure to eat one or two eggs in a day to maintain a proper vision.
  • Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer – A well-balanced diet is a well-respected means of reducing the overall risk of developing cancer. The anti-cancer diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. However, you can improve the effectiveness of your diet by eating eggs on a regular basis. Eggs contain choline, reducing the chances of breast cancer associated with a reduced overall risk of breast cancer.

Baked, poached, boiled, scrambled or fried, it really doesn’t matter how you like your eggs. The only thing that matters is that you eat eggs on a regular basis. If you want to stay healthy and fit, aim to eat at least one egg in your diet five days a week for maximum benefits and maximum health.

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