Why You May Need To Switch Your Regular Drug Store?

When it comes to picking the right pharmacy, bigger isn’t always better. A pharmacy that fulfills all of your family needs is the perfect choice for you. Selecting the right pharmacy is really important and can play an important role in your healthcare. You may need to switch to another drug store if you don’t have the answers to the following questions:

1. Can you consult with your pharmacist easily?

Establishing a good relationship with your pharmacist is one of the best ways to choose your drugstore. Your pharmacist can tell you about the ways prescription medications and over the counter (OTC) drugs interact with other medicines. They can also guide you about drug interactions with the food you eat. . These small things can lead to dangerous side effects. Your pharmacist must be both knowledgeable and accessible. If not, then you should switch to another drugstore.
In some cases communication with a pharmacist can be difficult due to their busy schedule, while in other cases lack of privacy make people uncomfortable about discussing their medical problems with their pharmacist. If you’re uncomfortable about discussing your medical concerns with your pharmacist, then it’s time to switch.

2. Are your medications always in stock?

If in case the drug that you take is no longer covered by your insurance, then talk to your doctor to prescribe a new medication . Your pharmacist might help you to choose a more affordable substitute of your drug. But if a drug that you need is always out of stock or your pharmacist doesn’t restock drugs later the same day or next, then it’s time to move to another pharmacy.

3. Do you have to make a lot of trips to pharmacy for your medications?

Check whether your pharmacy has the ability of refill synchronization. It will come in handy if you or your family members make lot of trips to the pharmacy to pick multiple medications. Pharmacies offering this service can coordinate with your doctor to make sure that your medications are ready for pickup once a month or every 90 days. They can review your medications with your doctor directly to keep check, so that you do not overdose on any drug, or experience any side effects. The pharmacist can also consult with your doctor to adjust your dose if required. Medication synchronization is offered at a less number of pharmacies nationwide, but it has been so successful that more pharmacies are offering the service. . If your pharmacy is not able to offer you medical synchronization, switch to another pharmacy.

4. Do you pay too much for your prescription?

Most of the pharmacies accept discount cards. These cards such as WiseRx discount card can help save you a lot of money on your prescription medication. If your pharmacy doesn’t accept any discount cards then there is no reason to continue to patronize the same pharmacy. You can be losing money on your regular medication. Pick a pharmacy that accepts prescription discount cards.

5. Does your pharmacy offer immunizations and wellness programs?

Many people don’t realize the value of immunizations available at drugstores. Prescription discount cards such as the Wise Rx Card can save money on vaccines as well. Some drugstores may offer vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, chicken pox, measles, the human papillomavirus (HPV), pneumonia, tetanus, and also offer many more health and wellness programs for your well-being. Try to pick a pharmacy that offers you these facilities. Just make sure that your pharmacist is trained and certified. Keep your physician updated when you enter such programs.

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