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What’s the catch with prescription discount cards?

If prescription discount cards are new to you, you might have some questions or concerns. How can they really be free? Do they sign you up for a plan you don’t want? How can a prescription discount card work with health insurance?
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In short: What’s the catch?

First, let’s learn how prescription discount cards work to save you money.

How do prescription discount cards work?

The Wise RX card is like a negotiator that works with participating pharmacies to offer you the same prescription drugs for a cheaper, more affordable price. It’s similar to the discounts pharmacies give to insurance companies or large employers: Because it acts as a large buying group, the pharmacy is happy to give them a discount to secure the group’s business.

In addition to this, the pharmacy actually makes more money by offering a discount to a holder of a Wise RX card because:
1. Wise RX directs people with the Wise RX card to their stores
2. People will actually fill their prescription if it is affordable
3. People will buy other things while in the participating pharmacy

Because it’s actually the pharmacy that provides the discount, the Wise RX card is completely free to use.

Do you need to sign up for a plan to use a prescription discount card?

Not at all! There’s no need to have a card issued in your name or with any sort of sign up process. All Wise RX cards have the same basic information identifying what type of card it is. Since participating pharmacies already know how to accept and use these types of cards, that’s all they need.

How can a prescription discount card work with health insurance?

Because your insurance may cover some medications but not others, a Wise RX card fills in the gaps by providing you with a discount your insurance may not offer for the same drug.

But what if your insurance plan covers a specific prescription and you try to use your prescription discount card anyway? No worries! Ask the pharmacy to choose whatever method that offers the best discount, whether it’s your health insurance or your Wise RX card, so you never lose out on the best savings.

In summary: There is no catch!

Just a lot of great savings to help you manage your prescription drug costs, brought to you by your local participating pharmacy and Wise RX.

Want to give it a try today? Getting your own Wise RX prescription discount card is easy. Simply visit our Get the Card page and either print the card out on your home printer or fill out the card request form to be mailed one for free. After that, it’s as easy as showing your participating pharmacist your Wise RX card the next time you go to fill your prescriptions. There are over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. To find one near you, you can use our Store Locator.

Happy savings!

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