Tips on picking the best pharmacy for YOU.

There are so many pharmacies out there to choose from to get your prescriptions filled.   You have the privately owned independent corner drug stores, then you have the chain pharmacies:   CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, etc., some of them not available, depending on your area and location.  Then you have the discount stores with the pharmacy departments:  Walmart, K-Mart, Target; not to mention the big-box stores like Sam’s and Costco.

So how do you choose which one is best for you?  There are several factors to consider when deciding where you get your prescriptions filled.

  • If convenience is a factor, then finding the pharmacy close by your home or office is a plus.  Independent pharmacies and many chain pharmacies are located within or close by neighborhoods and businesses.
  • Other services offered. Perhaps you want to combine some other shopping along with getting your prescriptions filled.  While chain pharmacies like Walgreens now offer expanded products like some groceries and alcohol, the selection is certainly not comparable to a big-box store.  And if you want to look for items other than groceries or toiletries, then you’d likely prefer the discount stores, like Walmart or Target.
  • Cost of prescriptions. This factor is probably the most critical for some people, especially those who have chronic illness or pain, or have several ailments requiring multiple prescriptions.  Often, the discount stores or big-box stores offer the same prescription for a reduced price.  And if cost is a big factor for you, consider the WiseRX prescription card.

Wise RX acts like a large buying group that negotiates with pharmacies to discount prescription medications; similar to the discounts they give insurance companies and large employers.  The pharmacies themselves are the ones who provide the discounts when you use the WiseRX card.

You may wonder why pharmacies would give these discounts.  There are several reasons for this:

  1. Wise RX directs people with the WiseRX Card to their stores
  2. People will actually fill their prescription if it is affordable
  3. People will buy other things while in the participating pharmacy

Getting and using the WiseRX card is simple.  You can download and print our discount prescription card from our website!  Just follow the instructions to print the card generated, and you are ready to visit a participating pharmacy (over 60,000 nationwide!) and use the card.   There are no forms to fill out, no waiting periods or registration and your personal information is never sold or shared.  It costs you NOTHING—in fact it SAVES you money!

Why continue to spend too much on your prescriptions?  No matter which pharmacy or location you prefer to patronize, the WiseRX Discount Card can save you even more.   And it can be used for prescriptions for you and all members of your family—including your pets!  So get the WiseRX card today!

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