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Take Care of Yourself This Flu Season

Every year, CDC estimates the burden of influenza in the US. It uses modeling to estimate the number of deaths, hospitalizations, medical visits, and flu illnesses related to the flu that occurs in the given season. As per CDC, millions of Americans get the flu every year. You can get the flu any time of…

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Foods to Eat When You’re Sick With the Flu

If you are sick with flu, eating may be the last thing on your mind because of the influenza virus. Good nutrition is essential during this time. Your body requires nutrients and energy that help you recover,  keep your immune system strong, and helps to stay hydrated. Keep yourself hydrated Dehydration is common if you…

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Do You Have a COVID-19 or It’s Just Flu?

Experiencing a runny nose and watery eyes or might be feeling like your head is locked in an ever-tighter vice? We know these symptoms can make you feel like you’re under the attack of COVID-19, but this might not be case here. You don’t have to worry because all of these symptoms can be the…