FAA Rules to Know If You Have Diabetes

If you’ve diabetes then you need to be aware of the changes made recently to airport security measures by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Below is the list of information that people with diabetes who need to fly with their supplies and equipment within the 50 states of the US, need to know.

  1. Make sure to take a prescription from your doctor for every diabetes supply you may be carrying. Moreover, the prescription name must match the one on your ticket.
  2. Passengers may board the flight with syringes or insulin if they are carrying them in a vial that has a professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label, clearly identifying the medication. The FAA recommends passengers not to discard their insulin box as prescription label is on the outside of the box containing the vial of insulin.
  3. The passengers who need to test their blood glucose levels regularly can board their flights with lancets as long as the lancets are capped, and are carried along with a glucose meter that also has the manufacturer’s name imprinted on the meter.
  4. Make sure to keep glucagon kit intact in its original pre-printed pharmaceutically labeled container.
  5. Many passengers carry a tube of cake icing to treat hypoglycemic episode while travelling, make sure to replace it with a gel marketed specifically for the treatment of low blood glucose.
  6. You can carry up to 8 oz. of insulin or low blood sugar treatment gel and up to 4 oz. of non-prescription liquid medications along with you, if name on prescription matches the name on passenger’s ticket.
  7. The prescriptions and letters of medical necessity will not be acceptable during security check because of forgery concerns.

For more details, The American Diabetes Association urges you to check website www.diabetes.org to get the latest information, as conditions and recommendations may change. Please make sure to follow all the airport security check rules and regulations, otherwise be ready to face some issues.

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