6 Common Concerns About Childhood Vaccinations

Infants are given various Vaccinations to protect them from harmful diseases.  Many parents are worried about the side effects of vaccinations.  They may ask their Childs health care provider to delay or not give some vaccines. Here are some common concerns about child vaccinations:

#1 Concern: Infants get too many shots at once.

Fact: Yes, it’s true that infants get many shots during an office visit. . The fact is that an infant’s body can handle even more. Infants come in contact with millions of particles including bacteria, pollen, and virus’s every day. These particles have huge impact on their immune system. But the particles present in vaccines are less in comparison to the particles found in your child’s world. So vaccines will not “overload” your child’s immune system.

Some parents hesitate to vaccinate their child at the same time. But delaying or not giving vaccinations on time could leave your child unprotected against various incurable diseases. So make sure to protect your children against diseases by vaccinating them on time.

#2 Concerns: Vaccines have too many side effects.

Fact: The mortality rate in children was quite higher when there were no vaccinations. But with proper vaccination, the death rate was drastically decreased. Moreover, the effects of diseases like chickenpox, measles, and polio etc. can be worse than the side effects of vaccinations. So it’s better to give a vaccination to your child on time.

#3. Concern: Everyone else gets vaccines, so my child doesn’t need them.

Fact: Your child has lower chances of getting sick if he is playing with children who’re vaccinated properly. But this doesn’t mean that your child is safe from various diseases. You must get your child vaccinated properly to keep them protected against diseases. Also, children who don’t get vaccinated may get the disease, and then spread it to   others who could get sick easily like infants, pregnant women, or older people.

#4. Concern: Vaccines contain things which are not safe for my child.

Fact: Vaccinations given to infants and children are safe. Now vaccinations don’t contain mercury or thimerosal anymore. Some of the vaccinations may contain aluminum, but the amount of aluminum is much smaller than the amount found in baby formula.

#5. Concern: Vaccines are not tested enough.

Fact: Just like medicines, vaccines are also tested before they are given to all children. Moreover, most of the vaccines are tested   a longer time than the medicines that you give your child.

#6. Concern: Vaccines cause autism.

Fact: Some people think that thimerosal or mercury in vaccines causes autism. But this is not true. Most of the pediatric vaccines don’t contain thimerosal or mercury in them. There are only a few vaccinations   that may have a very small amount of thimerosal or mercury, but many don’t. Let your prescriber or pharmacist know if you prefer a vaccine that does not contain thimerosal.

Infants and children get vaccinated more than ever before. These vaccines protect our children from incurable diseases and are safe. So if you have any concerns about any vaccination talk to your prescriber or pharmacist. Remember, vaccines save lives!

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