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5 Signs of an Unsafe Online Pharmacy

If you’re taking a prescription, you are probably looking for ways you can save on your prescription costs. Along with using the best prescription discount card, you can save money by purchasing your medicine from an online pharmacy. However, some online pharmacies are unsafe and provide counterfeit or expired drugs or drugs that are not right for your condition. To help you differentiate between reputable pharmacies and the rogue, here are 5 signs of an unsafe online pharmacy.

  1. Sends drugs of unknown origin or quality – When you purchase drugs from a company you don’t know over the Internet, you do not know what you are actually receiving. There are many rogue websites that sell drugs that are unapproved, contain the wrong active ingredient, or contain dangerous ingredients. If you receive a drug without a known origin or quality, that’s a huge red flag. Do not take this drug, as it could be hazardous to your health. Become familiar with what the drug you are taking looks like, so that you can easily detect any counterfeits.
  1. Gives you wrong or dangerous product for your illness – Another sign of a rogue website is receiving a drug that’s wrong or dangerous for your illness. Taking the wrong drug can cause adverse side effects or very severe health problems.
  1. No way to contact the website by phone – Not having a phone number is a clear sign that the website is not reputable. The website is probably not licensed or operating in the United States, and sends patients drugs that are not FDA approved. Only use an online pharmacy that provides a phone number and has a pharmacist readily available to answer any questions you may have.
  1. Prices are dramatically lower – Stay away from websites offering drugs at dramatically low prices than the competition. While the prices of a drug are likely to vary by pharmacy, a price that is drastically lower is a full-proof sign of an illegitimate pharmacy.
  1. Sells drugs without a prescription – A legitimate online pharmacy will only sell you a prescription drug if you have a prescription from your doctor. It is illegal to sell prescription drugs without a prescription.

When purchasing your prescription online, look out for these 5 signs of a rogue online pharmacy. Only use an online pharmacy that is located in the United States, licensed by the state in which it is operating, and requires a prescription from your doctor.

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