5 Benefits of Pharmacy Automation Systems

Pharmacy automation systems have improved the way in which pharmacies operate. These systems are robotic prescription dispensing systems that are capable of storing, administering, filling, capping and labeling prescription medications effectively and securely. Pharmacy robotic machines can store and manage over 200 medications, plus patient information. Read on to learn about the various benefits of pharmacy automation.

  1. Better patient care – Prior to pharmacy automation systems, a pharmacist had to spend ample time manually counting, filling, capping and labelling patients’ prescriptions. Now that a machine can perform this tedious task, pharmacists have more time to allot to other important responsibilities, such as performing immunizations and health screenings. Pharmacy automation allows pharmacists to spend more one-on-one time with patients and provide better care.
  1. Greater productivity – As previously described, a pharmacy automation system provides pharmacists with more time for other things, thus increasing their productivity. But, there’s an added bonus when it comes to productivity. Pharmacy robotic systems can fill prescriptions after hours and have them ready for patients to retrieve the next morning. This is especially advantageous for busy and drive-thru pharmacies.
  1. Increased patient satisfaction – Patient satisfaction is likely to be low if patient have to wait awhile to speak to a pharmacist or pick up a prescription with their RX discount card. With pharmacy automation systems, a patient’s needs can be addressed much quicker, thus increasing their satisfaction.
  1. Enhanced safety – With pharmacy automation systems, error and contamination is very unlikely. These robotic systems store each different drug in separate cells to avoid cross contamination. Many of automation systems also have a photo verification feature that digitally records each medication it fills. This increases patient safety, while also reducing the risk of liability for pharmacies.
  1. Reduced costs and waste – Without pharmacy automation systems, a pharmacist who draws three grams from a ten-gram vial has to discard what’s remaining because it can’t be used again. However, an automated system is sterile and able to draw from the same vial twice. This results in reduced waste and substantial long-term savings.

What other benefits of pharmacy automation systems can you think of?

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