Breast Cancer

Top 8 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one word that may make women worry, and it is natural. But we think it is now time to tell you some good news about breast cancer. The treatment of breast cancer has become modernized and a lot better, and we know more than ever about the ways to prevent the diseases.

In this blog, we will cover eight simple steps to help lower the risks of breast cancer. Of course, not every tip applies to each woman, but they can significantly impact together.

Keep a check on weight

It is easy to tune out because it is known that a healthy weight is crucial to maintain. However, being overweight may also increase the risk of many different cancers, including breast cancer after menopause.

Be active

Exercising is as close to a silver bullet for good health, and women who are active physically for at least half-hour a day have a lower risk of breast cancer. In addition, regular exercising is one of the best ways to help you keep weight in check.

Eat your vegetables and fruits – and limit alcohol

A healthy diet can help in lowering the risk of breast cancer. For example, it would help if you tried to eat many vegetables and fruits and limit your alcohol intake. While moderating drinking could be good for the heart, even low drinking levels may increase the risk of breast cancer in older adults. If there are other risks of alcohol, not drinking is the overall healthiest choice.

Quit smoking

Non-smokers and smokers alike know how unhealthy smoking can be on top of lowering the quality of life and increasing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and at least 15 cancers – including breast cancer. It also causes wrinkles, bad teeth, and smelly breath. That is one motivation to stay smoke-free or work to get smoke-free.

Breastfeeding helps

Breastfeeding for around one year helps to lower the risk of breast cancer. It also has excellent health benefits for the child.

Avoid contraceptive pills

Birth control pills come with both benefits and risks. The younger a woman is, the lower are the risks. However, while women take birth control pills, they have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. The risk goes away quickly, though, after stopping the pill intake. The risk of heart and stroke attack is also increased while on the pill, particularly if a woman has smoking habits. However, long-term use can result in essential benefits, like lowering the risk of uterine cancer, colon cancer, and ovarian cancer – not to mention unwanted pregnancy, so there’s also a lot in its favor. If you are concerned about breast cancer, avoid the intake of birth control pills as it helps to lower the risk.

Avoid post-menopausal hormones

You must avoid the intake of post-menopausal hormones to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis. Studies show their mixed effect on health; lowering the risk of some illnesses increases the risk of others, and both estrogen-only hormones and estrogen-plus-progestin hormones increase the risk of breast cancer. If women take post-menopausal hormones, it must be for the shortest possible time. Your doctor is the person to talk about the benefits and risks of post-menopausal hormones.

Raloxifene and tamoxifen for women at high cancer risk

Although not commonly thought of as a ‘healthy behavior,’ taking prescription drugs raloxifene and tamoxifen can help lower the risk of disease. However, FDA approves the medicines for breast cancer prevention, and these powerful drugs come with side effects, so they are not the right choice for everyone. If you think you are at high risk, talk to your doctor to see if raloxifene or tamoxifen may be right for you.


Women with a family history of cancer may take specific steps to protect themselves. So, women must know about their family history as well. For example, you may be at higher risk of breast cancer if you have a sister or mother who developed ovarian cancer or breast cancer. Also, check if you have multiple family members involved who have developed breast, prostate, or ovarian cancer.

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