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What Should You Know About the Undigested Pills in Stools?

You would often need to look into the toilet after the bowel movement and see a tablet or pill only partially digested. People who see this may wonder if a medication is working like it is supposed to or if something is wrong with digestion. However, seeing the undigested medications in your stool doesn’t necessarily…

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Are Coats on your Pills Right Fit for your Gut?

Scientific breakthroughs lead to medicine creation, which are valuable tools for physicians in patient care. Medicines may make people well, ward off disease, relieve pain, and a few more, but they may come in formulations that are not friendly to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Other times, the medicines may require protection from the harsh stomach…

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What Is Ghost Tablet?

You might be surprised after seeing a pill in your stool. Believe it or not, there are some medications that may look like that they haven’t been digested properly. These types of medicines are called “ghost tablets.” These pills look similar to a pill you’ve taken, or might be like a small soft mass. Don’t…