Everything About Mental Illness

mental illness
Do you know?

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. i.e., approx. 43.8 million people experience mental illness in a given year.

Mental illness issues are common these days. It’s a condition that affects your thought process i.e., how …

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What’s Killing Your Sex Drive?


Has arousal become a Herculean task for you? Or you’re often not in the mood to make love to your partner. This means you’re really doing something that’s hampering your sex life. Here are some of the factors that can …

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Plague – Things You Should Know


Plague is a serious bacterial infection, caused by a germ, Yersinia pestis.

The most common form of plague is bubonic. It usually happens when an infected flea bites you or your pets.

If left untreated, bubonic plague turns into the …

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